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A2: Fundraising Projects

Page history last edited by Milan Davidovic 10 years, 11 months ago

Funds can be raised by:

  • selling things.
  • applying for grants.
  • increasing the number of members.
  • obtaining sponsorships.
  • holding events.
  • performing services.


Specifics for some of these:


Selling things

  • Cafepress.com is a source for goods that logos can be applied to.
  • Calendars:
    • MEC has put out calendars for cyclists; useful as an example.
    • “Nude calendars” (e.g. firefighter; see Wikipedia article for other examples) are popular, especially if they use celebrities as models (e.g. David Suzuki, Scott Bryson); nudity aligns with the relative lack of protection that cyclists have on the road (symbolic, metaphoric).
    • Could display names of sponsors.
    • Could incorporate Cyclist Union messaging.
    • Pictures could incorporate product placement.
  • Bike-related goods, co-branded goods; start small with things like reflective stickers, bells, then build on successes by scaling up, e.g. helmet covers, locks.


Applying for grants

  • Good for getting things off the ground; not as good for supporting ongoing operations.


Holding events

  • Bike tours of neighbourhoods of the city.


Performing services

  • Currently  Cyclist Union  does lock removals, bike valet parking (hire for events); what are some other ideas?


Additional notes

  • It’s crucial to put together a team that will see the idea through.
  • It’s good to align the fundraising effort with a/the goal of the organization.
  • People want to know where their money is going; be explicit.
  • Show fundraising progress (e.g. those “thermometers” that get filled in to show how much has been raised).
  • It’s easier to give money to an organization that is well-known and understood.
  • Think of longer-term campaigns rather than one-off events.
  • If possible, start small and scale up.
  • Good to look at successful models of fundraising (perhaps also failures, for lessons learned).
  • Aligning with groups who have compatible interests to yours can be useful.

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