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How can we put cycling on the agenda for the next municipal election

Page history last edited by Hayley 10 years, 11 months ago
  • TCAT: how to raise the profile of active transportation in the municipal election?
    • considering a questionnaire approach for candidates in upcoming municipal election - did that last time
    • can hold previous candidates accountable to answers to past surveys


Brainstorming session

  • What will the perspective be on it? anti-cyclist? anti-car? road use?
  • -->we need to lead the issue - media releases, public relations
  • cars do not equal traffic flow
  • it's all about FRAMING the issue effectively
  • Jarvis: we're going fom 5 lanes to 6, gaining lanes, more traffic, etc
  • complete streets - a vision / model for how things could be
  • A Billion BIkes - City of Cyclists (youtube)
  • target particular candidates strategically?
  • TCAT can't endorse candidates but Bike Union can
  • --> report card on council voting record for mayor? by ward? between words (i.e. most bike-friendly by various indicators) endorse one candidate per ward?
  • ID and get out the vote among the bike union
  • media strategy? issue-based? candidate based?
  • --> all-candidates meetings on active transportation issues
  • candidate bike race?
  • car vs transit vs bike race through the city - cyclist always wins
  • candidates register Jan 1 for election in fall 2010
  • get commitments from mayor candidates to support bike plan generally --> even if they agree, implementation will still be difficult
  • cycling presence at each ward event
  • how do we ensure we're visible? pins/t-shirts etc
  • outreach to non-cyclists - urban designers, lawyers, planners, etc
  • --> online resource where voters and volunteers can find details on candidates, debates, etc - must incude promotional material to draw people to it
  • will candidates avoid the issue?
  • find a position that will be hard for them to say no to - give them positive models/examples
  • local problem spots / ward-based issues? e.g. sharrows on bloor; east end viaduct
  • connect with people in the ward BETWEEN elections - Environment Days are a good opportunity
  • offer people the opportunity to get involved in specific issues that affect them
  • package for bike union representatives to take to environment days - ward captains to coordinate
  • in any election you get to vote 3 times - donate, volunteer, vote - we should support good candidates with our feet
  • start NOW - call up, find, volunteer for bike-friendly candidates
  • what would a cycling platform look like for mayor candidates?
  • money and commitment (to complete the bike plan; include bikes in Transit City) is there - we just have to hold them to it
  • what 's our Ask? bike plan? complete streets?
    • Complete Streets has lots of precedent behind it; straightforward to explain; is reasonable to implement (i.e. they could agree to it without too much risk), can help you achieve goals you've already committed to
    • invest in public info and communication about new infrastructure - currently NO money allocated for public education
    • provide concrete (photoshop?) examples for supporters to use to illustrate/visualize Complete Streets - what would it look like in my neighbourhood?


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